Night of Beijing @ London O2

Night of Beijing @ London O2

  • We acted as the bridge between the British venue coordinator and backstage crew and the Chinese performing artists.
  • We delivered on a tight schedule with only one day to set up the stage and prepare the venue for the event. Beginning at 4am our team rigged the lighting, performed the necessary sound checks, and dressed the stage with the event’s logos and branding. 
  • Coordinated the technical and dress rehearsals. Welcomed the VIP guests upon their arrival, and performed many other communication duties to ensure the smooth running of this performance in Central London.

Night of Beijing is a traditional Chinese folk music concert performed by China Broadcasting Chinese Orchestra and numerous solo artists. It took place in Indigo- O2 on the 21st of June 2015.

The show started at 8pm, and the running time was 2 hours. The program included many well-known Chinese folk music, such as Jasmine Flower, Horse Racing and Golden Snake Dance. The majority of the solo artists are known nationally in China. Aside from the Chinese artists, the programmer also invited local musicians to participate, such as New London Children’s Choir and Soprano-Judith Howarth.

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