Kulu Orr – Control Freak @Anaya Theatre Festival

Kulu Orr – Control Freak @Anaya Theatre Festival

2023 Control Freak 2
  • Worked closely with our Chinese partners in supporting international programming.
  • Ensured smooth communication between the company and our venue partner in every aspect of the tour from artists’ schedules, technical preparations, media campaigns, and various works related to the visit.
  • Assisted administrative tasks including performers’ visa applications, flights, local accommodations, and on-site management for delivering the performance successfully.

Having seen Control Freak created by Israeli artist Kulu Orr at the BE festival in London, we coordinated with the artist closely during the past years, to create good opportunities to present the piece to the Chinese audiences. Control Freak was staged at the Aranya Theatre Festival in China, from 15th to 17th June 2023. This remarkable piece unfolds across three distinctive performances, with each one dynamically shaped by the live interactions of the audience.

Orr’s ingenious self-designed instruments bring to life a theatrical experience that seamlessly integrates circus, music, and wearable technology—a true grand party of the senses. The production, characterised by its data-driven approach, unveils Orr’s unique and captivating physical audio-visual aesthetics. Control Freak invites audiences into an interactive world where their participation actively shapes the experience. Through interactive orchestral play and spontaneous compositions, audience reactions become integral to the show, creating a harmonious and unforgettable encounter.

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