Work.txt @Shanghai Theatre Art Centre’s D6 Space

Work.txt @Shanghai Theatre Art Centre’s D6 Space

2023 Work_txt 2
  • Licensing management
  • Worked closely with the Chinese partners to support the production and present the work.
  • Assisted administrative tasks delivering the performance successfully.

Work.txt, an innovative production by British Artist Nathan Ellis, its Mandarin version was produced by Shanghai 2332 Studio and staged at Shanghai Theatre Art Centre’s D6 Space from 19th to 21st January 2024. This is a show without actors, and belongs to every participant, about work, industry, and the things that don’t make sense.

Imagine entering the theatre, selecting your seat, and as the lights dim, prompts appear, initiating a story about work that unfolds gradually before your eyes… Every attendee contributes to the narrative, making it a stage for everyone, and satisfying the desire for performance in all of us!

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