Armazém Cia de Teatro – Bras Cubas @Wuzhen International Theatre Festival

Armazém Cia de Teatro – Bras Cubas @Wuzhen International Theatre Festival

2023 Bras Cubas 4
  • Worked closely with our Chinese partners in supporting international programming.
  • Ensured smooth communication between the company and our venue partner in every aspect of the tour from artists’ schedules, technical preparations, media campaigns, and various works related to the visit.
  • Assisted administrative tasks including performers’ visa applications, flights, local accommodations, and on-site management for delivering the performance successfully.

Brazilian theatrical masterpiece Bras Cubas was the latest work by director Paulo de Moraes and produced by his renowned Armazém Theatre Company, adapted from the acclaimed novel by Brazil’s esteemed writer Machado de Assis, and staged as part of the Wuzhen International Theatre Festival in Sun Moon Plaza from 26th to 28th October.

This performance unfolded as a captivating journey through nonlinear storytelling, narrated by the departed, intertwining narrative, factual, and deconstructive threads with seamless dialogue. The enthralling performance by the Armazém Theatre Company at the festival not only captivated the audience but also set the stage for the commencement of their China tour. Following the resounding success of their debut in Wuzhen, they received performance invitations from leading theatres in 2024.

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