Midsummer Night’s Dream Theatre Summer Camp @Shanghai

Midsummer Night’s Dream Theatre Summer Camp @Shanghai

  • Delivered in both Chinese and English this will also be an invaluable aid to learning English language skills.
  • Planned, designed and managed this summer camp with our partner organisations in UK and in China.
  • Ensured clear communication between artists in UK and the venue’s organisers.
  • Organised a reporting performance and staged the Midsummer Night’s Dream which performed by those youth.

During these 2 weeks summer/winter camp students will learn about the literature giant Shakespeare and get a taste of some of his most famous works. It is also a playful introduction in to the world of devising theatre and allows the students to free their imaginations and bodies. Exploring different method of theatre storytelling, the students will create one of Shakespeare most famous comedy Midsummer Nights Dream from scratch together.

Led by some of UK’s most renowned children’s theatre practitioners, the workshop is multidisciplinary – mixing literature appreciation and scrip adaptation, acting, soundscapes and audio, movement and dance.

Devising process is open for everyone, no matter of experience or background. We will find out how to capture ideas and stories, mis them together with movement, and learn how develop our own theatrical language, also the workshop will enable participants understand Shakespeare and his work. The workshop will enhance the participants imaginative, physical and emotional playfulness. Furthermore, the workshop will develop skills useful at all walks of life: advancing team-work abilities, communication, self-confidence, awareness of space, appreciation of literature — and most importantly everyone will experience the fun of creative collaboration!

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