FeastFest 2019 @ London & Edinburgh Festival Fringe

FeastFest 2019 @ London & Edinburgh Festival Fringe

  • FeastFest is initiated and planned by the Performance Infinity
  • Curated the programme and developed the partnership with different venues both in London and Edinburgh
  • Worked closely with our sponsors in ensuring the best outcome for their brands’ exposures.
  • Overlooked and managed the entire festival in every aspects including marketing, administrative, and organised promotional and networking events for the FeastFest.
  • Assisted the participating theatre companies for delivering a smooth run in Edinburgh Fringe
  • Created a festival dedicated website and collaborated with most of the popular theatre industry media and social media to promote the festival

Performance Infinity has brought together the theatre companies all around the world and produced the FeastFest at London and Edinburgh in July and August 2019. FeastFest is a festival dedicated to those who love theatre, food and life, which included the shows ‘FEAST’, ‘Citizens of Nowhere?’, ‘Chocolate’, ‘The Only Thing a Great Actress Needs is a Great Play and the Desire to Succeed’, ‘Feast of Fools’ and ‘Hold on Let Go’, also collaborate with The Imagination Workshop to cross-promote five shows in specific dining rooms.

Eating represents our countries, religions and traditional values. By presenting works from different cultural backgrounds, the festival encourages people to respect not only the differences between each other but also celebrate the similarities we share. The shows use conventional tools and spaces to produce unconventional performances, will facilitate the conversation between the arts and common life, as well as address current issues facing our society.

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