Little Soldier Zhang Ga
Jing Ying Elite Theatre Group @ Spotlites

Little Soldier Zhang Ga
Jing Ying Elite Theatre Group @ Spotlites

  • Full responsibility for the Edinburgh Fringe Festival application process, as well as the securing of all relevant visa’s for international performers.
  • The hiring of a theatre venue designed to complement the nature of the show and its target audience.
  • Taking a front end roll in the organization of all logistics including; accommodation, travel arrangements, the transportation of each shows set, lighting and sound equipment, costumes and props.
  • Arranging all media and promotional aspects relating to each show using trusted media sources. Aiming to increasing the knowledge and understanding of the performances themselves, as well as the company producing each work.
  • Assisting in ensuring clear communications between partners working in the U.K and China, whilst helping to develop ongoing partnerships.
  • Producing full project reports both in English and Mandarin in order to assist each of our partners moving forward.

Spotlites Venue 278, Edinburgh

As part of the initiative to reach as diverse an audience as possible Performance Infinity managed ‘Little Soldier Zhang Ga’. The brilliantly told story of a young Chinese boy’s spirit and determination, set against the backdrop of the Second World War. Combining both actors and puppets, Liu Xiaoyi, director of puppetry for China’s ‘War Horse’ production, created a piece of work both original and inventive. Co-written by Guo Yan, Chinese director of 2015 Edinburgh International Festival Dragon, the play is simple yet effective. Telling the story of how a peaceful village in Northern China is devastated by war. Performed by the Jing Ying Elite Theatre Group, the play and its imaginative use of puppetry highlighted the growing range of diverse theatre being created and produced in China.

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