China Changing Festival – The Sea & The Injustice to Tou O

China Changing Festival – The Sea & The Injustice to Tou O

  • Participated and contributed ideas and information to the festival curating team, and co-presented two productions with Southbank Centre, The Sea and The Injustice to Tou O for this year’s festival.
  • Liaised between Chinese artists and Southbank Centre CCF team in different aspects of the projects such as logistics, technical specs, promotional materials and on-site interpretations.

This year’s China Changing Festival was the final edition of Southbank Centre’s three-year festival showcasing contemporary China, and its creative connection with the UK, through cutting-edge art and culture. It was also the second year that Performance Infinity was invited to contribute our insights and ideas to the festival curating team, following lastyear’s successful presentations of Little Soldier Zhang Ga and Sink. This year we introduced and co-presented two productions, The Sea and The Injustice to Tou O at the festival.

Designing for kids, The Sea is directed by the Chinese director Liu Xiaoyi. Through the eyes of a little paper puppet fish, The Sea reveals a live underwater world using film, movement and interaction with the audience, through puppetry and physical theatre. Following the adventure of this little fish,The Sea makes kids fall in love with the sea again.

The Injustice to Tou O is directed and performed by the promising theatrical artist, Ding Yiteng. It is a stunning reimagination of a 13th-century supernatural tale of love and intrigue, false accusations and the making and undoing of curses. Employing traditional Chinese art forms and blending in with western touches, the story is masterfully presented through physical performance, text, film and live music.

Both productions gained extensive positive feedback from local British audiences.

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