Breaking the Silence at the Wuzhen International Theatre Festival

Breaking the Silence at the Wuzhen International Theatre Festival

  • Presented Breaking the Silence by Via Berlin (Netherlands) at the Wuzhen International Theatre Festival 2018 as part of the festivals specially invited performances.
  • Worked closely with the curating team to recommend and plan the suitable productions.
  • Organised the touring and logistical schedule for the company performing for the first time in China.
  • On-site management for delivering performances successfully.

The Wuzhen International Theatre Festival is an annual theatre event founded in 2013 in China. Within 6 years, the festival has already become one of the most pioneering festivals in China and Asia. Following last year’s presentation of Portraits in Motion (Germany) and Water Stain (Brazil) at the festival, Performance Infinity brought Via Berlin’s unique production to the ancient thousand-year-old town.

Via Berlin is a musical theatre company founded by Dagmar Slagmolen and Rosa Arnold. Using a unique combination of world-famous classical music and original words, Via Berlin tells, in its own way, very personal and recognisable stories that symbolise universal, societal and current themes such as war, illegality, ageing and our consumer society.

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