ART.ZIP ISSUE12 – “Visual Theatre”

ART.ZIP ISSUE12 – “Visual Theatre”

  • Over 100 pages featuring reviews and informative insights into 40 British Theatre-related companies and professionals.
  • Cross-field cooperation once again with the highly popular visual arts magazine. 
  • With a circulation of over 50,000, published throughout the Asia-Pacific, we aim to bring an insight into British Theatre culture to Asian audiences.

Inspired by the success of our collaboration the previous year, we continued our co-operation with art magazine ART.ZIP, contributing to yet another edition. As our company has grown and become more deeply rooted in London, we were delighted to share our network of British Theatre professionals, and set the issue theme as “Visual Theatre”.


Over 100 pages covered more than 40 British theatre companies and professionals, and we were extremely grateful to be able to incorporate interviews with Mark Baldwin of the Rambert Dance Company, Penny Francis of the Puppet Centre, Slavka Jovanovic of The Little Angel Theatre, Leo Warner of 59 Productions, Joseph Seelig of London International Mime Festival. This special edition also features articles for The Roundhouse, NoFit State, Blind Summit, Complicite, DV8, Kneehigh, Shunt, Punchdrunk, Le Patin Libre, Fuel and Theatre O.


You are welcome to read the full edition online:

UK Theatre Management Training

  • Planned a 4-day event to incorporating visits from, and communication with, leading British theatre venues and professionals to give a general picture of the London based theatre industry landscape.
  • From cultural policymaking, programming, and producing to audience development and marketing, the topics are careful selected according to needs. 
  • Learning from practical experience, it was also a great experience for our staff.

We took charge in the project for CPAA to achieve the first UK-China theatre management experience tour at the end of 2014, organizing a 4-day event for 20 leading Chinese theatre managers and artistic directors to visit leading British theatres.


We were honored to invite policy-makers and theatre professionals from Mayor of London Office, Arts Council of England, British Council, The National Theatre, Royal Shakespeare Company, Barbican Centre, English National Opera, London International MIME Festival, Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, the Society of London Theatre, Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, Glynis Henderson Productions and KT Wong Foundation, to be our visiting organizations and guest speakers.


The participating Chinese delegates met up with and realised a fantastic mutual communication with British art management experts, and also visited many leading venues inside and outside of London during their tour.

National Theatre of China
Green Snake @ Edinburgh Fringe

  • Promoting a touring version of National Theatre of China’s contemporary classic to introduce contemporary Chinese theatre to an international audience.
  • Showcasing the highlights of the production through the National Museum of Scotland’s late night events to approach more local audiences. 
  • Achieved positive media coverage with the very limited run, through trusted local PR support.

We provided touring management and marketing support for the National Theatre of China to tour their Fringe version of Green Snake. Starting from 20thto 25th August 2014, 6 shows in total were successfully completed and received positive feedback from the media and the audiences. It has been listed as “a must see” on ‘What’s on Stage’ and also received recommendation in reviews from The Scotsman, The Stage, Fest magazine and Fringe Review, amongst others.


Joyce McMillan of The Scotsman   ★★★★

Broadway Baby                                   ★★★

The Skinny                                           ★★★

Taiwan Season 2014 @ Edinburgh Fringe

  • Promoting Taiwanese performing arts at one of the biggest arts festival in the world through governmental support.
  • Engaging the young and developing Taiwanese performing artists through securing the most suitable venues, best audience approach and media focus. 
  • One-stop services to support the companies and artists achieve a highly successful first-time Fringe appearance.

This was the first time that Taiwan’s Ministry of Culture had planned to present a ‘Taiwan Season’ at Edinburgh Fringe, as the showcase of Taiwan’s emerging performing arts including contemporary dance, physical theatre and music concerts. We were chosen to organise the event and provide one-stop services, spanning event-planning, strategy development, venue pitching, tour management, contract management, PR, marketing third party management and reporting of final results.


5 selected performing arts companies achieved exciting reviews from the professional media and ordinary audiences within the 3 weeks full-run during Fringe, at three outstanding theatre venues in Edinburgh. To promote ‘Taiwan Season’ from a branding perspective, this creates an international stage on which to showcase more artists in the near future.

Media Ratings

The Times                        ★★★★

The Scotsman                  ★★★★

The Herald Scotland       ★★★★

The Skinny                         ★★★★

Three Weeks                      ★★★★

Fresh Fringe                    ★★★★

Across the Arts                ★★★★

Exeunt                               ★★★★

Pangea Magazine            ★★★★

Dark Chat                         ★★★★★

The Taiwan Season official website:


The highlight video of all the performances at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014:

Local Arts Festival in China (Zhejiang) – curating consultant

  • Arts Festival curating project for a traditional poetic town near the centre of Asia, Shanghai, supported by governmental funding.
  • Combined excellent international city festival case studies, with local knowledge to breath fresh artistic energy into an old town. 
  • Suggestion for existing productions and also proposing commissions to artists for tailor-made arts pieces according to the local landscape.

We provided consultant and curating services to a tourist destination town near Shanghai to develop an arts festival according to the local history and landscape. Through researching and analyzing case studies of famous international festivals and the unique local conditions, we had the inspiration to combine select of examples of international best practice with core Chinese values to run a great festival perfectly suited to the local community. The festival included performing arts, public interactive installations, family-friendly events and a light show, fashion show, academic forum, landscape photography competition and exhibition.

Theatre Development Plan (Shenzhen)

  • London theatre industry and environment analysis.
  • Local audience analysis and audience development plan proposal. 
  • Festival and commercial events using multi-function venue spaces.

We provided consulting services to a leading Chinese property developer to understand the London theatre environment and cultural landscape to support their mid-size theatre development and programming project. One of the mostly highly developed cities in China, the average age of the population in Shenzhen is 28.9 years old, relatively younger than other Chinese cities. Most of the citizens have some overseas experiences, so they are more open-minded and curious about international pop arts. Furthermore, large numbers of foreign investors have brought a multi-cultural atmosphere to the city.  In combination this makes theatregoers a fashion life style and a new trend that is competing increasingly with cinema as a form of entertainment. According to these bases, we believe that a modern theatre space is urgently required and could add significant value, and provided our professional visions on the construction project.

Usher: The Front of House Musical West End Transfer

  • Supporting Fringe musical production Usher transfer to West End
  • Supporting emerging artists’ development

USHERS: The Front of House Musical follows a shift in the lives of the stagiest people in the theatre; the front of house staff. The production is created by a group of emerging artists, with passion and dream. We partly supported the production West End transfer. The producer of the show has successfully developed his career in the industry and joined a top West End producing company.

Silk Road @ Peacock Theatre

  • Achieved the UK premiere of this culturally important production, which was the first theatre piece staged after the Cultural Revolution.
  • Held a successful Dunhuang culture seminar and dance movement showcase at Asia House. 
  • Hosting a preshow reception with guests including senior politicians and industry professionals from both the UK and China.

We provided the one-stop services for the China Performing Arts Agency (CPAA) to achieve their London premiere of Silk Road, including tour management, marketing support, and event management. As the first theatre piece staged after the Cultural Revolution, Silk Road is an important cultural symbol in Chinese contemporary history. The trademark dance movement in this production has been applied to the Beijing Olympic opening ceremony performance.

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