Theatre Re – Nature of Forgetting @Shanghai Theatre Young

Theatre Re – Nature of Forgetting @Shanghai Theatre Young

2023 Nature of Forgetting 17
  • Worked closely with our Chinese partners in supporting international programming.
  • Ensured smooth communication between the artists and our venue partners in every aspect of the tour from artists’ schedules, technical preparations, media campaigns, and various works related to the visit.
  • Assisted administrative tasks including performers’ visa applications, flights, local accommodations, and on-site management for delivering the performance successfully.

In December 2023, the poignant physical theatre piece Nature of Forgetting produced by Theatre Re, concluded its run at the Theatre Young in Shanghai, marking a profound moment in the cultural landscape we’ve cultivated. This production delves into the narrative of a patient grappling with Alzheimer’s disease. On Tom’s 55th birthday, the tactile sensation of clothing triggers a cascade of memories, blending fragments of friendship, love, and guilt from his youth into a chaotic collage, as if slipping further away from his grasp with each passing moment.

Looking ahead, Theatre Re is set to return to China in the coming years, with both Nature of Forgetting and their acclaimed production Birth, further enriching the theatrical landscape and deepening the cultural exchange between China and the United Kingdom. As stewards of artistic collaboration, we are committed to fostering meaningful connections and facilitating transformative experiences for audiences across borders.

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