Shades of Change (International Co-production)

Shades of Change (International Co-production)

  • Worked alongside with our Chinese partners in helping them to engage choreographer Annarita Mazzilli, musician Andy Higgs, costume design Ella Bai to participate this international collaboration dance drama
  • Communicated between the artists and Jinan team during the whole creative period to ensure a complete understanding on both sides
  • Supported a 5-week long creative workshop in China for the guest artists to train the local dancers and to develop the production
  • Arranged the theatre’s showcases in Slovakia and Hungary from venue sourcing, touring schedule, audience engagements, and media and PR.

Shades of Change was produced by the Shandong Academy of Arts and the Shandong Provincial Theatre Creation Studio. Performance Infinity worked closely to the creative team in recommending international artists visiting China for the collaboration and presenting the piece locally in China as well as Slovakia and Hungary.

Shades of Change is inspired by the Chinese traditional culture “I Ching” which try to lead the viewer to change the perspective of the world and the humanities. It is using the third person interpretation of the bird as a creative idea, using the theories in “I Ching” to express the colour and change of the five elements, thus triggering different thinking of the present people treating tradition, treating nature, and treating life. The bird is both a realistic bird and a bird of thought, leading the audience to appreciate and find the beauty that the reality should have.

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