Nassim (International Production) @Beijing Inside-Out Theatre and Xi’an Shanxi Grand Theatre

Nassim (International Production) @Beijing Inside-Out Theatre and Xi’an Shanxi Grand Theatre

2023 Nassim16
  • Worked closely with our partners in Germany and China for a smooth run.
  • Coordinated between artists and the local venues, supported rehearsals and provided extensive promotional support.
  • Assisted administrative tasks including artist’s visa applications, international travel, and on-site management for delivering the performance successfully.

Nassim is an acclaimed work created by renowned Iranian playwright Nassim Soleimanpour, transcends cultural barriers and connects audiences through the universal language of theatre. This year, the Chinese version of Nassim was adapted and invited by Beijing Inside-Out Theatre. It’s a journey from Beijing to Xi’an, inviting different performers each night to unveil the sealed script from a mysterious box. This process highlights the profound influence of language in both separating and uniting people.

The narrative unfolded at the Shanxi Grand Theatre, featuring esteemed actor Benyi Zhang on 9th June and Zichuan Wang on 10th June. Their performances opened new vistas into the power of language and storytelling. The adventure continued at the Beijing Inside-Out Theatre from 22nd to 24th June, where Nassim Soleimanpour collaborated with the Dan Li Ren Comedy Company, offering diverse and insightful interpretations.

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