Light – Art & Tech Festival 2019 Beijing Inside-Out Theatre

Light – Art & Tech Festival 2019 Beijing Inside-Out Theatre

  • Worked closely with the theatre in recommending the suitable productions for the festivals.
  • Ensured smooth communication between the company and our venue partners in every aspects of the tour from artists’ schedule, technical preparations, media campaigns, and various works related to the visit.
  • Assisted administrative tasks including performers’ visa applications, flights, local accommodations, and on-site management for delivering the performance successfully.
  • Organised a four-day workshop with the artistic director and core creative team of the Theatre Ad Infinitum in sharing their experience and expertise in making physical theatre as well as the performing arts industry in the UK.

Light from Theatre Ad Infinitum (United Kingdom) was performed as part of the 2019 Art & Tech Festival at Inside-Out Theatre. It is a nightmare story about love, betrayal and technical power made by award-winning theatre company, and was part of the London International Mime Festival.

Light combines anime style with pulsating soundscapes to draw audiences to its sci-fi realm. The whole show illuminates the production without language in the dark with flashlights in an innovative way. It explores how our information security impacts each individual in the age of big data.

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