Jakop Ahlbom Company & Alamo Race Track

Jakop Ahlbom Company & Alamo Race Track

  • Arranged the first tour of Lebensraum in China. Pitching the show to the most suitable venues in China
  • Managed the media and promotional campaign throughout the productions run in China.
  • Organized the logistical elements of the production performing in China, ensuring clear communication between partners working in Europe and China.
  • Placed the production in the programme for the China Mime Festival. The festival of physical theatres was the largest event of its type in China to date.

This year saw the unique Lebensraum from the legendary theatre artist Jakop Ahlbom and the rock music band Alamo Race perform in China for the first time. As the lead producer on this project Performance Infinity proceeded to promote this show to a suitable theatres in China, handling all international communications and scheduling the tour and technical requirements. On the back of the success of the collaboration between Lebensraum and Performance Infinity the show has been programmed into the Shanghai International Comedy Festival, 2017.


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