Frankenstein (International Co-production)

Frankenstein (International Co-production)

  • Worked alongside with our Chinese partners in helping them to engage the Daniel Goldman (Director, Playwright), Jemima Robinson (Stage Designer), Richard Williamson (Lighting Designer) and Dave Carey (Sound Designer) to participate this international collaboration of classic drama.
  • Communicated between the artists and Beijing team during the whole creative period to ensure a complete understanding of both sides.
  • Supported a 4-week long creative workshop in China for the guest artists to train the local actors and to develop the production

In collaboration with Beijing Inside-Out Theatre alongside with British artists and local actors to produce a Chinese vision of Frankenstein and staged at Beijing Inside-Out theatre in 2019. The project aims to create a dynamic relationship of how British theatre industry to work with Chinese professionals in creating a new way of making theatre.

Frankenstein tells a story of the revenge of a scientific monster that has been developed. The protagonist Frankenstein is a scientist who has been studying the origin of life and has developed a scientific monster accidentally. Since then, the contest between scientific monsters and humans has been unfolded. Frankenstein is an exciting story with shocking visual effects, and audiences are deeply moved by the horror and romantic plot.

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