The100Hands – 25 Feet (International Production) @Beijing 77 Theatre and Shanghai International Dance Centre

The100Hands – 25 Feet (International Production) @Beijing 77 Theatre and Shanghai International Dance Centre

2022 25 Feet 4
  • Obtained and managed the license of producing the production in Mandarin.
  • Co-produced the production with 2332 Studio in China.
  • Ensured smooth communication between the artists and our partners in Shanghai and Beijing to ensure a smooth rehearsal and performance.

The interactive physical performance 25 Feet is a unique Dutch-Chinese collaboration, created by The100Hands, a renowned dance group from the Netherlands. This compelling performance is co-produced with Shanghai 2332 Studio, featuring local adaptations and the artistic talents of Chinese artists Liao Shuyi and Wu Xiaobo. 25 Feet was previewed at 77 Theatre in Beijing, then staged at the Shanghai International Dance Centre Theatre and supported by the Dutch Performing Arts Fund.

25 Feet is an exploration of the nuances inherent in three types of spaces where the most violent or intimate acts tend to occur: intimate social space, personal space, and private space. Participants are invited to join the artists in a journey through these spaces, exploring the subtle and often unnoticed differences within a range of 25 feet. The performance transcends a mere physical exploration, encouraging attendees to navigate through varying degrees of closeness and density, from distant to intimate, thereby examining the intricate relationship between these spaces and the human body.

Dutch Performing Arts – Dutch Focus @Dance Out of the Box Festival, Shanghai International Dance Centre Theatre

2022 Dutch Focus Dance Out of the Box 17
  • Supported the programming and funding application of Dance Out of the Box Festival.
  • Supported the communications between the artists and the festival.
  • Assisted administrative tasks.

Developed and facilitated the collaboration between the Dutch Performing Arts and the Shanghai International Dance Centre, to produce Dance Out of The Box Festival. The festival highlight includes the Mandarin version immersive physical performance ’25 Feet’, alongside this were six high-definition screenings, available both online and offline, including ‘Between Us,’ ‘Home,’ ‘Vielfalt,’ ‘Freedom,’ ‘Memory Loss Inside,’ and ‘Our House is on Fire.’

These showcases provided Shanghai audiences with a unique opportunity to experience the splendour of international contemporary dance, coinciding with the 50th anniversary of China-Netherlands diplomatic relations. Highlighting the Netherlands, known for its vibrant contemporary dance scene, the festival received special support from the Dutch Performing Arts Fund. More than just a display of artistic talent, the festival offered a platform for meaningful interaction between artists and audiences, while also serving as a gateway to the global forefront of contemporary dance art during the pandemic.

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