Vamos Theatre – Uber Happy (International Production) @Shanghai Jing’an Modern Drama Valley

Vamos Theatre – Uber Happy (International Production) @Shanghai Jing’an Modern Drama Valley

Vamos Theatre - Uber Happy (International Production) @Shanghai Jing'an Modern Drama Valley 6
  • Worked closely with the festival and our partner in the UK during the producing period.
  • Communicated between the artists and team from Inside-Out Theatre during the whole creative period to ensure a complete understanding of both sides.
  • Assisted administrative tasks including managing international shipping and clearance during the pandemic and delivering the performance successfully.

Uber Happy is an exuberant theatrical piece that captures the lively and sometimes tumultuous lives of delivery drivers. This international co-production with Beijing Inside-Out Theatre was commissioned by and showcased at the Shanghai Jing’an Modern Drama Valley. It featured an innovative collaboration with skilled Chinese actors under the direction of Rachael Savage, Artistic Director of Vamos Theatre. Despite pandemic challenges, Savage creatively led the project, organising remote auditions and rehearsals through online video platforms.

The show was noted for its use of Russell Dean’s specially designed masks. Lasting 15 minutes, Uber Happy combines the talents of three bicycle-riding actors, playful dance routines, light-hearted music, and a series of amusing, unexpected delivery scenarios. At the 2021 Shanghai Jing’an Modern Drama Valley, the show achieved remarkable success, enchanting over 12,600 attendees.

Internationaal Theater Amsterdam – Oedipus & Kings of War (Screening) @Wuzhen International Theatre Festival

2021 Oedipus & Kings of War 1
  • Worked closely with our Chinese partners in supporting international programming.
  • Ensured smooth communication between our partners.
  • Assisted administrative tasks and delivering the screenings successfully.

Oedipus and Kings of War was produced by Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, and screened as part of the Wuzhen International Theatre Festival 2021, from 17th October to 20th October.

Ivo van Hove’s Kings of War merges Shakespeare’s plays Henry V, Henry VI, and Richard III into a dynamic performance focusing on political leadership, power, and the ethical dilemmas faced by rulers. Alternatively, Oedipus directed by Robert Icke and performed by the International Theater Amsterdam ensemble, reimagines Oedipus as a 21st-century politician. On election night, he uncovers a devastating secret about his identity, leading to a tragic downfall that highlights the fragility of existence and the challenge of controlling one’s destiny.

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