British Council China – Accessible Theatre Workshop @ Inside-Out Theatre, Beijing

British Council China – Accessible Theatre Workshop @ Inside-Out Theatre, Beijing

  • Engaged with the UK’s accessible theatre artist and industry expert in sharing their thoughts, expertise, and experiencing in this field with the local Chinese audiences
  • Assisted in preparing the lecture materials, translations and PR and marketing tasks.

Worked alongside with the British Council China in organising this accessible theatre workshop with the Beijing Inside-Out Theatre. We engaged the British deaf artist Bea Webster and the founder of PANTHEA Carl de Poncins to share their idea of how to make theatre more accessible.

Bea Webster is a deaf Glasgow based actor & theatre-maker and is one of the few deaf actors who are active and have a place in the British theatre world. Carl de Poncins is the founder and CEO of the Panthea Company (France). Panthea Company developed the smart glasses for performance accessibility, to display the subtitles on the glasses simultaneously in a selectable language for audiences, this solution not only make theatre audiences can overcome the language barriers, but also open more possibilities for people with disability to enjoy the theatre experience.

This workshop aims to tackle the lack of diversity of the theatre and bring the theatre experience into the lives of people with disabilities. Also, it is a valuable opportunity to share achievements in this field to the Chinese theatres and audiences.

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