BetweenTwoHands – Paperwork @ Wuzhen International Theatre Festival 2019

BetweenTwoHands – Paperwork @ Wuzhen International Theatre Festival 2019

  • Worked closely with the theatre in recommending the suitable productions for the festivals.
  • Ensured smooth communication between the company and our venue partners in every aspects of the tour from artists’ schedule, technical preparations, media campaigns, and various works related to the visit.
  • Assisted administrative tasks including performers’ visa applications, flights, local accommodations, and on-site management for delivering the performance successfully.

Paperwork was produced by BetweenTwoHands (Netherlands) and staged as part of the Wuzhen International Theatre Festival 2019 in Zhaoming Academy from 26th to 28th October. Paperwork is a theatrical installation inspired by the life and work of the Prague writer, Franz Kafka. The aim is for the viewer to be able to feel as alienated, out of place or astonished as the protagonist often feels in the stories of Kafka.

BetweenTwoHands decided to work with paper because paper refers to all the paperwork involved in bureaucracy. And it is a material that can transform from 2D to 3D also represents the vulnerability of the protagonist from Kafka’s stories. As the audience, you get not only a sense of the fragility of the paper objects, but also the vulnerable nature of the protagonists.

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